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Chef/ Owner

Eric Preuss

A doting father to a wonderful daughter and son, my greatest inspirations paved the way for my journey in establishing a thriving personal chef company. My love for food is not just a profession, but a passion I eagerly share with others, fostering curiosity and culinary exploration.

With over two decades of culinary expertise, I specialize in menu development, food preparation, and managing culinary teams. My unwavering commitment lies in delivering consistently fresh, high-quality culinary experiences. A certified ServSafe Manager and sanitation specialist, I prioritize food safety above all.

My culinary journey led me to Auguste Escoffier Online Culinary School, where I studied French culinary principles while concurrently managing two jobs. Post-graduation, I served as a Chef Instructor at the same esteemed institution from 2017 to 2020. During this time, I crafted engaging lesson plans, mentored diverse groups of up to 150 students, and conducted weekly live lessons and demonstrations via Zoom.

My dedication to education extended beyond the classroom, with active involvement in website editing for instructional content. I ensured students comprehended lessons through daily outreach, demonstrating a commitment to their success. I also played a crucial role in training new staff in curriculum development.
Currently, I'm channeling my culinary creativity into exciting promotions for Chef 007 LLC, promising a sizzling surprise that I can't wait to share with you all. Stay tuned for a taste of the spice coming your way!

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